Jan 17, 2008

LINQ to WMI provider

Recently, I needed to analyze WMI-related code and now, I really think about to implement\find\improve a LINQ to WMI provider with the following requirements:
  1. 1. it should support both .Net 2.0-3.5 frameworks
  2. 2. it should be extensible - as WMI support providers model LINQ to WMI implementation should allow people to quickly create modules for different WMI providers
  3. should support querying both events and objects
  4. should have Castle-like error handling
So far, I found only one implementation of LINQ to WMI here and here.
Should take a look at what is implemented already...

Jan 15, 2008

70-536 is done! 70-526 / 70-528 next :)


Today I have passed 70-536 (Application Development Foundation) Microsoft certification exam.
That is really nice and I am happy.

Hope to pass 70-526 and 70-528 soon!

Jan 11, 2008

Thinking about Fluent Interfaces

I am really inspired by the new ideas of DSLs, Language Oriented APIs, an so on... I found today a link about Fluent Interfaces.

And that gave me an idea of using explicitly and implicitly implemented interfaces.
Where, in the following example:

class Order: IOrder, IFluentOrder

IFluentOrder can really be implemented explicitly and user will never have a problem of mixed modes, i.e. the following code will be very easy to implement:

.with(6, "TAL")
.with(5, "HPK").skippable()
.with(3, "LGV")

And then, when user will be working with Orders, he will be working with IOrder interface, instead of dealing with methods from both IOrder and IFluentOrder interface.

That requires additional thinking...