Dec 8, 2010

UI Spy Replacement: UI Verify

Here it is:
So far, I like it very much!

Take care!

WPF: In the search of automation Id for Popup

In case you are doing WPF development, and for some reason you are using Popup control (primitive), and it has no AutomationId (no matter what!!!) here is a cure:
 - How to set AutomationID and Name for Popup

Happy coding!

Dec 5, 2010

10 Pancakes #3

Enjoy good links:
 - Best code comments on StackOverflow 
 - Programmers jargon (good guidelines) on StackOverflow
 - Ultimate dev cheet sheet collection and more
 - Book: Software for your head (free PDF)
 - Go distributed .net with DryadLINQ
 - Visual Studio CTP with async pattern (C#5?)
 - Package management for .net
 - Rx Guidelines
 - Skills Matter - Yes, they are!