Aug 19, 2009

Open Source and Commercial Software

Many people would like to use open source frameworks and tools, however, for a certain reason they choose something they can call commercial software and pay money the same quality product.

One of the "benefits" of commercial products sounds similar to the following:
commercial product has support so I know whom to contact when I will be trouble (be sure you will %99), while open source has no support

OK, while this may be true think of the followin please: do you compare equal products. I can think of both products as equal when I have commercial product on one side and open source product with active development on the other. Assuming open source is in active development I can conclude it has the very support we did not saw earlier, hasn't it?

The other argument, again:
commercial product has support that can promise me a deadline...

Yeah, guys, do you really think that something is different with planning in open source software? I guess not. The planning is done as we usually do for our projects. Same ideas applies to the mighty commercial software we tend to buy instead of using the one that is useful and at no cost.

Anyway, it is your choice. Just think of it, please.

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