Jan 24, 2010

User Interface Design and Architecture

Not so long ago I started to deep into UI design and architecture, the process, tools, best practices and so on. The reason was simple, as soon as I started figuring out how to do great software I quickly found that the software should do the "right thing". And by doing the "right thing" it should show this thing, make it available for the end user, make him or her understand how it works without reading the specs or how-to material, do the thing, explain all steps, errors, warnings, show the result and finally the software should have a super cool and flashy look.

Well, as I started to look into details of what I was thinking about the more and more materials I started to find. Here, on this page I will try to gather the materials I, for some reason, found useful. And I do this for a very simple reason, not to find it again, because... you know, sometimes it is extremely hard to find good stuff even with Google.




Extremely useful tools will be referenced here.

And of course, I am very thankful for your feedback and help! Thank you very much!

Update: 04/10 - Added "color" articles' links


Constantine said...

Once I enjoyed reading Alan Cooper's "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum", it is rather basic but fun. Some consider this book as a must-read one for those technicians who start doing UI design.

Mik Kardash said...


Thank you! I heard about this book some time ago. Added to the book list.