Aug 25, 2010

10 Pancakes #1

It has been a while since my last post. I think I will be posing more in the future, we will see :)

Anyway, today I would like to start a new ideas that I tried to put off too long time for now. You see, I find too much of interesting stuff every day and I cannot simply throw it to everybody via IM and e-mails.

Starting this week I will be posting links I went through and think would be beneficial to my friends, colleagues and other good people.

So, here is the first 10 links:
 - Scrum check-list 2010 free e-book:
 - New Uncle Bob Martin blog - the clean coder
 - Scott Hanselman over Effectiveness and Efficiency
 - SICP Book
 - Pro HTML5 book excerpt - Chapter 6
 - New Embedded DB for .Net - EffiProz
 - Managed Esent DB for .Net
 - RavenDb
 - The blog of Managed Esent author

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